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    Discover NOVACOM's range of ejectors : 

    NOVACOM proposes a large range of ejectors, adapted to a lot of industrial applications and production processes, answering to all industrial requirements. Our vacuum generators are also called venture nozzles or ejectors. 

    The selection of the right ejector is carried out in function of the required flow rate, respectively the desired suction capacity. The uses of our ejectors can be very different : 

    Mounting in a switchboard or a working machine, direct fixing to the suction cup for a local and precise vacuum, compact integration in the robotic, deployment in dusty working environment, high cycle times, and great volumes of drawn air...

    We distinguish the following models :

    1. SINGLE-STAGE RANGE: Perfect for demanding environments, they are designed to be as compact and light as possible to facilitate their merging into your systems.

    2. MULTI-STAGE RANGE: This range uses multi-stage cartridge technology. This technology combines performances and reduced air consumption.  

    3.VACUUM BOX RANGE: Whether it is for palletizingmoving long metal sheets, boards, or even handling porous surfaces of different sizes, our range of vacuum boxes will do it. They are equipped with either suction cups or foam for a smooth and airtight handling

    4.PNEUMATIC CONVEYANCE RANGE:  This systems are used for suction or to transport different materials like pellets or granules. Easy to install, our conveying systems are available in different sizes to answer your needs.


    For more information, contact us.

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