Vacuum Barrel Pump


The VACUUM BARREL PUMP 90 F series uses the venturi principle to suction liquids by vacuum. The pump is connected to the first bung of the metal drum, and the transfer hose is screwed onto the second and connected to a dip tube. Simply connect the pump to a compressed air supply source and open the air intake valve. By creating a vacuum inside the barrel, the pump creates a suction. Likewise, by a simple pressure reversal, it will be possible to empty the barrel of its contents. This system works using compressed air. It is adjusted and tested with a maximum safety pressure which will not exceed 2.5 bar in the barrel for a supply pressure of 2 bar. This function is guaranteed by a valve inside the device.


  • No electricity, no moving parts
  • Excellent performance
  • No contact of the pump with the product
  • No deterioration or wear of the system even with a high concentration of metal shavings


Operating principal of a vacuum barrel pump


  • Evacuation and transfer of liquids, sludge, loaded soluble oils, chips on lathes, bar turning machines, milling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, tanks and other machines


Barrel Pump 200 Liters
Max operating pressure 2,5 bar
Recommended working pressure 2 bar

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