Vortex Tubes

Vortex tubes of NOVACOM allow the transformation of compressed air into two different airflows: heated air and cooled air. Cold stream guns and Vortex tubes of NOVACOM are advantageous in various ways: maintenance-free, explosion proof, electro less, without moving parts. They permit a clean work and are very well adapted to a use in factory or laboratory. Rack air-coolers of NOVACOM keep cool the inner life of switchboxes and control enclosures by supplying them with cool air and evacuating hot air. The also protect them from dust and humidity. In this way, they prevent break-downs, damages and machine failures, which could be caused by overheating or by several damaged parts.


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    The VORTEX compressed air tube, manufactured in France by NOVACOM, is an industrial thermodynamic device producing hot air jets and cold air jets. Our ranges of industrial cooling systems such as VORTEX cold air jet guns, VORTEX tubes, and electrical cabinet air conditioners operate solely on compressed air and require no electrical power. VORTEX equipment is used in factories or laboratories. They are effective for cooling industrial parts, eliminating heat, dust, and moisture.
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