Discover NOVACOM's range of ejectors: 

NOVACOM offers a wide range of ejectors, adapted to many industrial applications and production processes, and answering all industrial requirements. 

The selection of the right ejector is carried out depending on the required flow rate and the desired suction capacity

Our vacuum ejectors can be used in different situations, such as mounted on a switchboard or a working machine, or directly connected to a suction cup. They are designed for a compact integration in the robotic, deployment in dusty working environment, high cycle times, and great volumes of drawn air...

Our product range is divided in different categories:

1. SINGLE-STAGE RANGE: Perfect for demanding environments, they are designed to be as compact and light as possible to facilitate their merging into your systems.

2. MULTI-STAGE RANGE: This range uses multi-stage cartridge technology to combine performance and reduced air consumption.  

3. VACUUM BOX RANGE:  Equipped with either suction cups or foam for a smooth and airtight handling, our vacuum boxes are the best option for palletizing, moving long dimensioned objects such as metal sheets, boards or even handling porous surfaces of different sizes.

4. PNEUMATIC CONVEYANCE RANGE: These systems are used to suction or transport materials like pellets or granules. Easy to install, our conveying systems are available in different sizes to answer your needs.


  • Single-stage

    NOVACOM's SINGLE-STAGE EJECTORS RANGE                                                                                                             

    Our single-stage ejectors (VM, in line, and VT/ VT VA) are designed to be as compact and light as possible to facilitate their merging into your systems. 

    Our anti-clogging range is highly recommended in polluted environments (dust, powders, etc.). With his "in-line" range design, the impurities generated by the atmosphere will not block the nozzle. This helps maintain optimal performances.

    Available in Aluminium 6082 or Stainless Steel 316L, it will withstand extreme environments.


    Our single-stage ejectors are simple, reliable and economical. They create an independent and confined vacuum, close to the suction cups. 

    For more information, contact us.
  • Multi-stage


    Our multi-stage ejectors (VME-1 series, VME-2 series) operate on the same principle as our single-stage ejectors, but they're set in series in the same body or box. This allows a large volume of air to be sucked in.

    We have integrated multi-stage cartridge technology into our ejectors, which provides better performance compared to a single-stage ejector.

    The Grip series (1 multi-stage cartridge) can be installed as close as possible to the suction cups, on a machine or even on a custom made vacuum box.

    Our PVP (from 2 to 12 multi-stage cartridges) allow the suction of a large volume of air with a very short response time.


    - Very high suction flow as soon as it is put under compressed air
    - Very short response time
    Low noise level

  • Vacuum Box

    The vacuum box with NOVACOM foam band, CVM CS series is a system for gripping objects of varying weights and sizes in industrial sectors.


    Equipped with a venturi system with back-blowing, the vacuum chambers are used in the field of packaging, order preparation, palletization, de-palletization or even the change of conveying line.


    The flexible and waterproof handling foam allows the grip of specific, irregular or porous surfaces such as wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, brick, tiles and many others...

  • Feed Ejectors


    Our TP Series Ejectors allow the suction and transfer of various materials (powders, granules, steel balls, wood chips, etc.) and it can also be used in smoke extraction.

    These transportation ejectors are available in aluminium or stainless steel with output sizes ranging from 19 mm to 152 mm. 

    The maximum transport length is determined by the density of the product and the arrangement of the installation (elbow, etc.). For long distances transportation, it is recommended to install the TP ejectors in series.


    • Instant on/off
    • No maintenance
    • Explosion proof
    • Economical
    • Space-saving


    For more information, contact us.

  • Suction Tubes
  • Air Guns


    NOVACOM's pneumatic airguns can suction or blow without any electrical supply or moving parts, using only compressed air. It is ideal to suction any types of debris, that will be directly gathered in a cloth bag. It is also possible to use it to transfer materials from a tube to a container (PP90). By simply reversing the valve, the pneumatic air gun is switched to a blowing mode and can blow out a consequent air flow with low pressure and air consumption. 


    • Shock resistant
    • Easy to use
    • No maintenance
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Economical
    • Safe, no need to use electricity


    By reversing the nozzle, the pneumatic gun switches from the suction function to the blowing function.


    • Vacuuming chips, dust, ceramics, sawdust, filings, etc.
    • Transfer of pellets and small parts
    • Blowing waste, water and other liquids
    For more information, contact us
  • Vacuum Barrel Pump


    The VACUUM BARREL PUMP 90 F series uses the venturi principle to suction liquids by vacuum. The pump is connected to the first bung of the metal drum, and the transfer hose is screwed onto the second and connected to a dip tube. Simply connect the pump to a compressed air supply source and open the air intake valve. By creating a vacuum inside the barrel, the pump creates a suction. Likewise, by a simple pressure reversal, it will be possible to empty the barrel of its contents. This system works using compressed air. It is adjusted and tested with a maximum safety pressure which will not exceed 2.5 bar in the barrel for a supply pressure of 2 bar. This function is guaranteed by a valve inside the device.


    • No electricity, no moving parts
    • Excellent performance
    • No contact of the pump with the product
    • No deterioration or wear of the system even with a high concentration of metal shavings


    Operating principal of a vacuum barrel pump


    • Evacuation and transfer of liquids, sludge, loaded soluble oils, chips on lathes, bar turning machines, milling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, tanks and other machines


    Barrel Pump 200 Liters
    Max operating pressure 2,5 bar
    Recommended working pressure 2 bar
    For more information, contact us
  • Accessories
  • Ejectors instructions
    NOVACOM proposes a large product range of ejectors, adapted to a lot of industrial applications and production processes, answering to all industrial requirements. These vacuum generators are also called venture nozzles or vacuum pumps. We distinguish the following models: single stage, multi stage, anti-obstruction, pneumatic conveyance. The selection of the right ejector is carried out in function of the required flow rate, respectively the desired suction capacity. The uses of our ejectors can be very different: mounting in a switchboard or a working machine, direct fixing to the suction cup for a local and precise vacuum, compact integration in the robotic, deployment in dusty working environment, high cycle times, and great volumes of drawn air…
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    Instructions VM SERIE Instructions VM SERIE
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    Instructions Without ejectors 130x1200 Instructions Feed ejectors TP 19
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    Instructions Feed ejectors TP 25-51 Instructions Feed ejectors TP 76-152
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    Instructions Suction tubes Instructions Air Gun Series PP24
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    Instructions Air Gun Series PP90 Instructions Vacuum Barrel Pump Series POMPE 90

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