Vacuum Box


Whether it is for palletizing, moving long metal sheets, boards, or even handling porous surfaces of different sizes (plastics, cardboards, bricks, tiles), we recommend our CVM series vacuum boxes. They are equipped with either suction cups or foam for a smooth and airtight handling. 

We offer a standard range of dimensions (from 130x300mm to 130x1200mm) to adapt to most situations.
Different options are available for this range : 

  • With integrated ejector : this CVM is incorporated with multi-stage ejector cartridges, producing its own vacuum suction.
  • With counter-blowing : operating on the same principle as the previous model, it also offers counter-blowing to release the part quicker
  • Counter-blowing effect with ball probe sensors : the ball probe sensors will allow the gripping of objects of differents sizes as they will obstruct unused areas and avoid any vacuum leaks
  • Without ejector : this CVM without integrated ejector will easily be connected to a remote vacuum pump

We also offer custom solutions upon request.

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