Product sheet :

Reference CS 5

Cold Air Gun Series CS - Compact

Material Stainless steel
Type Compact
Consumption 150 l/min
Capacity 100 Kcal
Flexible de sortie
Accessoires de pistolets à air froid

The Novacom cold stream air gun is a ready-to-use mobile cold air source. The gun operates on the Vortex tube principle to cool an entire series of operations. The gun uses only compressed air to produce a cold air stream at a temperature that is 40°C less than the compressed air temperature (at a pressure of 5.5 bar). The output volume of compressed air can be adjusted by replacing the generator in the tube.


• Cooling of various operations in the glass, wood, metal, and plastic industries
• Cooling of thermostats, thermoelectric components, circuit boards
• Ideal for piercing, knurling, drilling, sharpening, and honing


• Simple connection
• Silent operation
• No maintenance or moving parts
• Inexpensive and light
• Magnetic base and one generator included