Product sheet :

Reference ER M5 AR C10 L4/6

Spring Plunger Series ER M5 - Z 10 mm - Anti-rotation - Elbow vacuum fitting

Material Burnished steel and electrogalvanized steel
Type Anti-Rotation Device
Vacuum Connection M5 female
Series ER
Stroke 10 mm
Suction cup fastening M5 female
Force 4
40 N 6

ER Series anti-rotation spring plungers have have an internal spring which is thus protected from the external environment, they are mounted on flat and bellows suction cups of different diameters:
- ER M5: from 4 to 25 mm

They consist of:
A cylindrical rod in burnished steel
A threaded bulkhead in electrogalvanized steel, cylindrical interior, fitted with two electrogalvanized steel nuts for fixing the spring assembly
An M5 female connector for connection to the suction tube
A stainless steel spring to cushion the impact of the suction cup with the load to be lifted
An M5 female connector to fix the inserts
A 301 stainless steel spring with a force of 4.42N

Elbow vacuum fitting L4/6

Z = Stroke
S = Width across flat