Product sheet :

Reference ERC AP C30

Spring Plunger Series ERC AP - Z 29.5 mm - Radial Connection

Type Radial connection
Series ERC AP
Stroke 29.5 mm
Suction cup fastening Cannula

The ERC AP spring systems are installed on suction cup series 7AP and 8AP of differents diameters: 
• ERC AP C30: 10 to 40 mm

The compressed air connection is made on the lower portion of the spring system.

They consist of: 
• A cylindric rod made of nickel-plated brass
• A threaded bulkhead union made of brass, cylindric inner, for attaching the spring system
• Two cannulas for connecting to the suction tube 
• A stainless steel spring to dampen the impact of the suction cup with the load being lifted
• A cannula for attaching the suction cup.

Z = Stroke
S = Wrench size