Product sheet :

Reference FVA 12

Vacuum Filter with Steel Container Series FVA - F 5 µm

Type Steel Container
Height 92 mm
Series FVA
Connector G1/2"
Flow 500 l/min
Grade of filtration 5 µm
The FVA series filters hold back the finest dust and afford good longevity for the various types of ejectors, vacuum pumps, or blowers. Advantages - Easy-open cover - perfect seal Specifications - Material: steel sheet metal, black paint - Filtering: pleated paper cartridge 5~7 ?m - Temperature: - 20 to 60°C The cartridges consist of a specially treated 5~7 ?m paper and are contained in a solid perforated steel sheet metal casing. Not recommended for environments with water and oil vapours and condensation.

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