Product sheet :

Reference TV 10 C

Vortex Tube Series TV - Cold Air

Type Cold Air
Consumption 215 to 730Nl/mn
Capacity 150 to 700 Kcal
Tube Vortex Série TV

The Novacom Vortex Tube is as aesthetic as it is functional. Made of stainless steel, it can withstand extreme stresses. A simple, interchangeable generator is placed inside the Vortex tube, making it possible to choose from eight types of preferred temperatures (see Accessories/Generators). The cooling level (mildly or very cold) of each stream can be determined.


• Cooling of manufacturing processes
• Hot air generation to soften plastic, glues, and sealed packaging


• Functional and strong
• No moving parts, no maintenance
• No sparks, explosion, or interference
• Instantaneous on/off, easy to control
• Reliable, maintenance-free, durable construction

TV 10 - : Cap 150Kcal - Usage 215Nl/mn

TV 15 - : Cap 280Kcal - Usage 250Nl/mn

TV 25 - : Cap 450Kcal - Usage 625Nl/mn

TV 35 - : Cap 700Kcal - Usage 730Nl/mn