Our anti-clogging single-stage ejectors (VCR, VCR-2, VCR-2 EV and VCR-2 EV CS) are highly recommended in polluted environments (dust, powder, etc.).

They have an "in-line" design which means that impurities generated by the atmosphere will not block the nozzle. This helps maintain optimal performances.

A solenoid valve (capable of up to 50 million cycles) can be integrated (VCR-2 EV) to control consumption. We have added a second solenoid valve to the anti-clogging ejector (VCR-2 EV CS), in order to adapt to higher production rates by shutting down the vacuum quicker when needed. Counter-blowing also makes it possible to expel particles that would not be evacuated through the evacuation. 


The suction flow and the depression are adjustable by simple manual rotation of the nozzle. These ejectors are recommended for applications in dusty environments and the handling of objects with a dusty surface (medication, starch, plaster, concrete, wood, etc.) or fragile surfaces (industrial biscuits).

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